Fiona Cameron CMIOSH

Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Whilst links to Culloden cannot be verified, we do know for certain that she learned the basics of her craft in the east of the southerly county of Sussex where the mighty County Council, for some seventeen years, had need of her skills.

When, after that period, she moved on, it was as apprentice to an H&S Elder of dwarven lineage who had forged links with local traders and was able to offer wisdom to them in exchange for a little gold.

The paths of the Apprentice and her Master soon diverged and the Elder, carelessly leaving much of his gold with his Apprentice, wandered off westerly to some forgotten place. It was about that time that the epithet “The Health and Safety Lady” first began to be applied to our subject for she steadily and assuredly drew together the remains of the old Elder’s network and began to forge a reputation for herself as their H&S guru.

Over time, and after putting into practice the teachings of the Great Sage Ayforbee, she has emerged at this point in the saga to be known by all and respected by most as The Health and Safety Lady – friend and champion of the “popolo piccolo” of the structural guilds. These small, but essential, bands of men and women (but mostly men) seem blind to danger and are prepared to place themselves at risk daily so that others may live and work in structures which will endure and sustain far into the future.

Accordingly, it has become the declared mission of The Health and Safety Lady to save them from themselves and to ensure that as many as possible reach their homes at the end of their labours without injury or loss and that the span of their lives is long and prosperous.


favoured clients

Small construction companies and trades, such as:
Small Building Firms
Property Developers
Electrical Engineers
Plumbing and Heating Engineers
Landscape Gardeners
Grounds Maintenance

“One-man-bands” and Sole Traders most welcome.

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